Chum Kiu – GM Ip Ching Chicago 1993


Ready for immediate download. Never before released material!

This is an old video the quality is not very good and is as the screenshots but the information is vital for learning Chum Kiu.

GM Ip Ching explaining the key points of Chum Kiu with translation from GM Samuel Kwok. This is a 30 minute video. A “must have” for every Wing Chun practitioner, student and instructor.

At the end of the video GM Ip Ching shows the entire Chum Kiu form.

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Included in this 30 minute video:

  • The Chum Kiu stance
  • Three ways of punching
  • The most important technique in Chum Kiu
  • The key points of Chum Kiu
  • The full form performed by GM Ip Ching

REMARK: The quality of the video is not superb it is an old video but all techniques and explanations are clear.


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