Mastering Six and a Half Point Pole


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Program includes: Horse & Cat stances, Stepping Thrust Punch.

Breakdown of the Six and a Half Point Pole techniques: Kom Kwan (Covering Pole), Biu Kwan (Striking Pole), Til Kwan (Descending Pole), Dan Kwan (Ascending Pole), Sheung Lan Kwan (Stirring the Water Pole).

Drills practice techniques: Stone/Wall nut strike with Til Kwan, Biu Kwan Targetting Drill, Kom Kwan Drill, Soo Kwan and Sheung Lan Kwan Drill.

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Leung Yee Tai exchanged Wing Chun techniques in exchange for learning the pole forms from Wong Wah Bo to gain stronger wrist and help make his Biu Gee stronger.

This explains why the footwork is different in the rest of the Wing Chun system. When Leung Jan learned Wing Chun from Leung Yee Tai and Wong Wah Bo it was quite unorganized and did not fit the Wing Chun system. Being a scholar and a doctor he added structure to the curriculum and created an order of progression.


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